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Prevent Miscarriage

So, you found out that you are pregnant and you are incredibly excited about it. Congratulations! But did you know that one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage?

It's important that you do everything in your power to ensure that your pregnancy is as safe and healthy as possible.

During your first trimester, your body produces more hormones. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is produced during conception by the cells that form the placenta to keep your unborn baby alive. hCG levels for pregnancy should consistently rise in early pregnancy. If levels decline or increase at a low rate the pregnancy will likely result in miscarriage.

How can Chinese medical treatment prevent miscarriage?

In China, for thousands of years herbs and acupuncture have been used to avoid miscarriages. To explain scientifically, they help increase excretion of hCG.

From a Chinese practioner’s point of view, the nature of miscarriage is diagnosed by the causes of kidney (Yin and Yang), blood and Qi deficiency.

Acupuncture can supplement and support the Kidney Energy, nourish, regulate and lift the Qi and nourish the Blood. The combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture helps promote circulation to the uterus and ensure strong uterine lining, thus your egg will mature healthily. It prevents miscarriage by promoting proper circulation throughout the body and builds up overall health, essential nutrients are passed from mother to baby. In addition, acupuncture assists the body to manage stress better and reduce anxiety.

Finally we want to dissolve your worry

We understand that many foreigners do not know much about TCM and are concerned about the influence of Chinese medication on conception. Being a qualified TCM Gynecologist and Obstetrician in the hospitals in China, we have been integrating Western and Chinese medication to prevent miscarriage for many decades. We fully understand both medicine modalities and are? capable of combining these two medical practices and treatment methods to produce more favourable outcomes than using either system alone.


After five early miscarriages and almost 10 years of trying for a successful pregnancy with no identifiable reason for our troubles, we decided to try acupuncture and herbal teas as way of preparing for IVF.

We were thrilled when after two months of treatments with Dr Lui, I became pregnant without ever beginning IVF treatments. I firmly believe that my acupuncture treatments are the primary reason for our success. I continued treatments with Dr Lui during my pregnancy and happily have had a normal, uneventful pregnancy. We have our first child now. We are so grateful to Dr Lui for helping make our wishes come true.

Niocle Twigg


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