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Labour Preparation

Pre-birth Acupuncture and Herbal Remedy can REDUCE pain when giving birth and SHORTEN labour time without under-going any caesarean sections, ensuring you the most NATURAL birthing experience!

As more and more women and medical professionals are recognizing the benefits of birthing without pharmaceutical interventions or unnecessary caesarean sections, there is a growing demand for methods that support natural and efficient labours, and that can help prevent unwanted medical interventions. Pre-birth acupuncture and herbal remedies can help to facilitate this natural birthing experience.


Staring at week 32, you will receive acupuncture treatments 1-2 times per week until you give birth. Our treatment focuses on relaxing muscles of the pelvic floor, cervical ripening, ensuring there is enough amniotic fluid, and other labour preparation details.

Studies show that pre-birth acupuncture can significantly reduce the number of c-sections performed, as well as the number of medical inductions and epidurals. Anecdotal evidence suggests that pre-birth acupuncture reduces overall labour time as well as complications of labour. By keeping your body healthy and stress-free in the weeks leading up to birth, the goal is to reduce pain, shorten labour time, and make your birthing experience the best it can be.

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