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Fertility Acupuncture

Many who experience difficulty in conceiving are now looking to the world of Chinese medicine to help increase fertility. Even reproductive specialists are turning to the ancient Chinese treatment of acupuncture to help their fertility patients maximise their chances of success.

At the Ines Medical we provide acupuncture to assist fertility treatment and help increase conception rates. Traditional Chinese medicine has a high success rate with functional fertility as it helps to relieve and improve such factors as hormone imbalance and emotional imbalance, allowing your body to function more efficiently. It can also improve structural fertility problems, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, and immune system-related infertility.

Traditional Chinese medicine allows more modern fertility treatments, such as IVF, to work more effectively. So whatever the nature of your fertility problems, acupuncture can help maximise your chances of conceiving. It also gives you the best chance of achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

To find out more about the Ines Medical and our fertility acupuncture treatments visit our website

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